JJ Headshots00002♦   Grant Professional Certified (GPC) since 2019.

♦   Grants Professional Association member since 2014.

   B. A. English Writing, Winona State University, 2005.

♦   Grant Writing – 1999-present.

♦   Professional Fundraiser – Registered with the Minnesota   Attorney General.

♦   Since there are rare degree programs for grantsmanship, all grant writers have a unique story to tell of their path into this field.  A compilation of skills from my life’s employment, education and interests have funneled together into this perfect profession for me.

I am a relentless networker, and I enjoy contributing to projects that connect people, organizations, businesses, and communities with accomplishments that make the world a dynamic place.

Since my curiosity is never satisfied, I also accept article and blog writing assignments.

In 1999, I wrote my first grant with my husband who is a glass artist.  From then on, I began researching and writing grants for all the organizations that I was involved with, such as an art center, fire department, professional theater, school, and libraries.  I have had a high success rate that has encouraged me to pursue this career professionally.

As an experienced manager, I have the ability to see the possibilities in an organization and to understand financial statements and the budgeting process.  As a person driven by curiosity, I love to research.  As a volunteer coordinator, I know that succinct missions provide the focused oversight that implements effective service.  As a public relations professional, I know how to broadcast an organization’s vision.  As a writer, I can bring all facets of your organization together in a concise, passionate narrative.

Please feel free to contact me and discuss our possibilities together.  I look forward to working with you and your organization. 

jorjsastone_scroll lil' 40px  ♦  Solid, collaborative work.